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Collaborative Law

Jennifer Byrom completed the Collaborative Certification Course in July 2016. Collaborative Law is an alternative method for divorce in which spouses may work together to agree upon the terms of their divorce, instead of contested hearings in front of a judge.

On July 1, 2017, the Florida Family Law Rules governing the Collaborative Law process became effective

The spouses, through Collaborative Law, are given the option of working with an attorney and other professionals to decide the course of their own futures. Traditionally, divorce proceedings take place in front of a judge whom the parties have never met. The proceedings are oftentimes contentious and invasive, and after hearing a few hours of argument, the judge makes a decision that has a lifelong impact on the parties and their children. By contrast, Collaborative Law provides for the parties to meet with a financial planner and a counselor to assist them in determining the best financial plan for them and their children after the marriage is dissolved.

Children’s issues in the Collaborative Law process are handled by the parties with the assistance of a counselor – not a judge who must rule based upon [oftentimes] limited information. The children’s ages, activities, and other special considerations are openly discussed by the parties with the emphasis being the best interests of the children.

Florida Statute Sections 61.55 – 61.58 were originally signed into law on March 24, 2016.

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