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Florida Attorney for Parenting Plans: Custody & Visitation

Milton, Florida, Child Custody Lawyer

While Florida has one set of statutes that apply to issues such as child custody, visitation and child support, those laws can also be applied differently. Attorney Jennifer Byrom has more than 30 years of experience in how these issues are resolved in Santa Rosa County and Escambia County in the Florida Panhandle. She represents mothers and fathers in divorce cases as well as in paternity suits.

Florida courts favor shared parental responsibility of children unless there is a compelling reason to award sole custody to one parent. Parenting decisions refers to who will make decisions on major life issues such as the child's education, medical care and religious upbringing. The issue that is most often disputed in divorce concerns who will have majority parenting time.

Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties normally enter pretrial orders while the divorce process begins. In Santa Rosa County and Escambia County, this order is issued automatically with a presumption that it will give each parent 50 percent (50%) of the overnights with the child. If you do not want a 50/50 child parenting plan while your divorce is in process, it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible.

Child support in Florida is determined by a formula that considers the incomes of both parents, the number of children, and the parenting plan. In addition to drafting child support orders, we handle child support modifications and child support enforcement after divorce.

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To discuss your child custody, child support or paternity case with an experienced Florida lawyer, call Jennifer Byrom at 850-665-3724 or fill out our simple contact form.

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