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Paternity Lawyer in Florida Panhandle

Northwest Florida Paternity Lawyer

Attorney Jennifer Byrom has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals with family legal matters in the Florida Panhandle area. She and her professional legal stuff represent mothers and fathers in divorce cases as well as in paternity suits, and in establishing parental rights.

Paternity can give rights and benefits to the mother, the legal father, the biological father (family law clients should note that a legal father is not always the biological father and that, likewise, the biological father is not always the legal father), and the child is entitled to support from both parents, Social Security or veterans' benefits, military allowances and inheritances are also a consideration.

Hand in hand with paternity is parenting time — today called a parenting plan. Nothing is "legal" until you first establish yourself as the legal father. You can acknowledge yourself as the legal father on the birth certificate at the time of birth, or later on.

If You've Been Notified of Paternity, Act Now

If you have been put on notice that you are the putative father of a child, you should take action quickly. Failure to act on a notice of paternity can mean lost rights.

Help for Mothers

The Byrom Law Firm can help mothers establish paternity and support for a child, as well. Know that "visitation" may be part of a parenting plan Florida family courts will want included. We can help you put together a parenting plan that will work for the mother, father and child(ren).

Consult With an Experienced Lawyer

In the Florida Panhandle area, including Pensacola, Milton and Gulf Breeze, call the Byrom Law Firm at 888-391-0030 or contact us online.

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Our law office is conveniently located on West side of the Santa Rosa County Courthouse in Milton, Florida.

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