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Florida Panhandle Lawyer for Adoptions

Florida Adoption Lawyer

At Byrom Law Firm we help couples, stepparents, grandparents and others to adopt a child. In Florida, it is becoming increasingly common for neighbors and family friends to officially adopt a child they know and love. This is called third-party adoption.

The amount of paperwork that comes with adoption law is sometimes challenging, but it is something we have handled many times.

The burden is on those who want to adopt a child. You must establish compliance with the statutes set forth by the legislature. A Petition for Adoption must be prepared and filed as well as Formal affidavits proving compliance with Florida statutes. Not following each step with precision can result in unnecessary delay or even dismissal of your petition.

Help Throughout the Process

We help you efficiently and effectively complete all forms and filings and attend hearings in adopting a child. We assist in the formal adoption of stepchildren and grandchildren, as well as for third (unrelated) parties. We obtain consent from the natural parent or initiate termination of parental rights in cases of abandonment.

Adoption is a part of our law practice of which we are particularly proud. It is truly doing what is in the best interest of a child. A judge will render a Final Judgment based on the documents that we file for you. However, in some cases, a final hearing may be required. Attorney Jennifer Byrom will be there in person with you.

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In the Florida Panhandle area, including Pensacola, Milton and Gulf Breeze, call the Byrom Law Firm at 850-898-0340 or contact us online.

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