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Child Support & Enforcement

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Pensacola Lawyer for Child Support and Enforcement

Statutes concerning child support and enforcement can be applied very differently in cases. Attorney Jennifer Byrom has more than 30 years of experience in how these issues are resolved.

Florida has statutory child support guidelines, however, deviations causing the support to increase or decrease can be considered. Many support issues can be handled through mediation.

Modifications to child support can be made at any time post-decree as long as there is a substantial reason to do so. Florida law states that “a substantial change in circumstances” must be permanent in nature to warrant the court to consider a change in child support.

Support and Enforcement

If you have failed to pay timely child support or you have not been paying support at all, the Florida Department of Revenue may serve you with a lawsuit. If you have been served, you should know that this is serious.

Not paying child support can lead to the Department of Revenue asking the court to incarcerate a person. Income deduction orders can be entered, you may be subjected to driver’s license suspension or wage garnishment, and other enforcement tools may be used. It is possible to contest these orders. An experienced attorney can help.

Another issue our firm has handled concerns fraud, through which a spouse has collected another form of assistance while also collecting support. We can help build your case.

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