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For many people who have gone through divorce, it is one of the most painful and frustrating experiences of their lives. At the law office of Jennifer Byrom, P.A., in Milton, Florida, our goal is to help you get through it as quickly as possible, while protecting your interests.

One of the most contentious areas of divorce is marital property division. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that all marital assets and debts will be divided in an equitable fashion, including private or military pensions, or any other type of pension or retirement plan, real estate and 401(k) savings accounts. It normally does not matter to the court how an asset or debt was acquired or who acquired it. If the asset or debt was acquired during the marriage, then it is presumed to be a marital asset or debt, and it will be divided by the court or by agreement between the parties.

Property acquired prior to marriage, as well as gifts and inheritances received during the marriage, are separate property and do not have to be divided. However, separate property can lose its separate identity if it is commingled with marital property. For example, if you receive an inheritance, place the money in a joint bank account, then you have commingled the property with marital assets and it will probably have to be divided with your spouse. However, if you kept the property in a separate bank account in your name only, then the inheritance will not have to be divided if you get divorced. If you bring significant assets to a marriage, attorney Jennifer Byrom can advise you on how to preserve the separate identity of the property.

Florida can order temporary and permanent alimony in long-term marriages if one of the parties has a need and the other has the ability to pay.

Attorney Jennifer Byrom will help you navigate all of the issues of your divorce, including child custody and visitation and allegations of domestic violence.

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