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When it comes to military divorce for service members and their families, there is no doubt that it is more complicated than for civilians. The service member may or may not be in the country. Domestic violence, mental health issues, alcohol or drug use or anger management issues can all come into play.

Military divorce requires a lawyer who can handle your case with discretion. Although military divorce is often more complicated than civilian divorce, it carries the same emotions. In the heat of emotion, both spouses may forget about military retirement. The military retirement is a part of Florida’s equitable distribution of property. Relocation, second marriages and stepchildren can all become part of an emotional equation.

The Role of Mediation in Military Divorce

A good method to keep military divorce away from the public is to avoid a contested trial and attempt mediation instead. Mediation places more work up front on each spouse as decisions and agreements must be arrived at without court intervention. However, not involving a contested trial or hearing keeps your divorce from adversely affecting your service record and from costly court fees and delays, as well. You can think of mediation like settling a case, versus a full-blown contested trial.

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